Learn to paint oil paintings using the palette knife


«Quiet Town» by artistcart is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

At present, the brush has stolen the role of the spatula, allowing us to create figures in a much more precise way. But the spatula, the great forgotten one, can fill our paintings with expressiveness.

There are several sizes and shapes, which will be used depending on what we want to do and the taste of the painter. The most common is the diamond-shaped medium. Next we will see some advantages of its use:

No need to use solvents

The spatula is used directly on the oil, without having to mix it with other products, as it allows us to use paint with a greater thickness, unlike the brush.

You can combine it with brushes

If you use a spatula and a brush at the same time in a work, The nuances you can create are endless! For example, you can draw the elements in the background with a spatula (such as mountains) and the elements that require greater precision with a brush (trees).

Allows you to remove paint easily

When painting with thick layers, we can easily remove them with the spatula in case we have made a mistake.

We can wash it easily

Unlike what happens with brushes, which will require special products for cleaning and constant care, the spatula is much easier to clean. This will also make us paint faster, being able to change color easily without mixing with the previous paint, as can happen with the brush.

It allows us to paint very quickly

If there is an artist who excelled in the use of the palette knife, it is the brilliant painter Bob Ross, who created impressive oil paintings in just half an hour. You can learn more about him in this previous post.

And you, what are you waiting for to dive into the interesting world of palette knife painting? Try it and you will be surprised.

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