Letters to color: birthday, pretty, children’s and many more

Coloring letters

The coloring letters are in fashion and they are one of the tools that parents have, and those who are not, to teach their children, and those who do not, to color, either from their tablets or even from a printed paper when we have gone on to paper that letter that comes from pearls.

Today we are going to show you the different types of letters to color, how to be one and the best letters so that you can get closer to this small world, in which you enjoy a lot with the large amount of content that we have on the web for free. Go for it.

How a letter should be to color

Normally the letters to be colored, whether for whatever reason, must have your blanks to fill them with color. Any graphic element that is on a printed paper or on a tablet or computer screen, must be drawn with a good black line so that it can be clearly identified if we are facing a cat, a building or simply a cloud.

Cats letters

It is important for the reason to use the right colors. Yes our son does not identify well that we are facing a sun, maybe you can imagine that it is the hole that may be in a wall. And so it can happen with the different elements of those templates that we are going to color.

It is important that since they are letters to be colored in, they are sufficiently defined so that they are perfectly understood and the decorative motifs are on par to use one color or another. So we can play with a series of letters that identify a giraffe with the “j” or “h” of the hippopotamus. Clarity is very important to choose that letter that we are going to color later.

Cats letters

There are different kinds of letters for different reasons or objectives. We mainly have the children’s ones, since they are a perfect way to motivate the little one in the house to take their colored pencils in hand and begin to discover the world of color with these coloring letters. With little we will be able to enthuse you without having to go through the use of new technologies such as mobile phones or tablet screens.

With this we say that they can be used, but it will always be preferable that they practice with printed sheets in which you can scribble, make mistakes and learn.

Types of letters to color

There are endless types of letters to color. We have on the one hand the children and the major protagonists in this case, but we also have them uppercase, lowercase, to color and cut out and those to congratulate the birthday. If we are skilled we can find some letters that are worth us for various reasons. One the learning of the little one of the house and another that that same learning serves as a gift to the uncle or the father on his next birthday.


Kids coloring

Children’s letters, apart from be clearly drawn and that lend themselves to being quickly identified, they are usually accompanied by an animal. We have the cases of the elephant with the “E”, the cat with the “G” or the horse with the “C”. Next we will show you content that you can download in order to have a good repertoire of letters to color with the child’s touch.

Capital letters

Beatles letters

More straight and without so many curves, there are many types of capital letters. They usually serve both for adults as for children. We can find them decorated and with all kinds of fonts. If we go to more curved fonts, the motif to mimic some of the Beatles albums or the 60s may be ideal.


Beautiful letters

The pretty letters are usually for all ages and the truth is that we have them anyway. Coloring those elven type letters can quickly come to mind and it may remind us of The Lord of the Rings. Also other modern and with more different features to find the most classic.

It will depend on the style within the pretty ones, but with all those books that we have to color, we have in our hand the option of spend some good hours quietly coloring.

Happy birthday

Birthday lettering

The letters to color to congratulate the birthday you don’t need a cover letter. With a reason for celebration, we can find a good variety of them both for the smallest of the house and for the oldest. Candles, balloons and party motifs are usually the elements that accompany an open and friendly typeface.

We can already find some very original ones like these shown in which each letter is like a puffy balloon and that can be very good to congratulate a birthday.

Coloring and cutting out


This type of letter is characterized by that cut line that you need for us to use our scissors and we can cut them out. We can look for ones that cut the silhouette or simply ones that we cut with the scissors to cut out a geometric shape.

The best letters to color


These cartoons put us before a series of children’s letters accompanied by those funny and funny animals. It is one of the best on this list and is one of the essentials. Above they allow you to use your web application to draw from your page and then directly download or print the colored letters.

Link: Pocoyo

Capital letters

Capital letters

On this website you have everything the alphabet in spanish with a series of capital letters perfect to be colored. They do not have pictures to accompany the letters, but coming alone can be of great value for some purposes. You can download them for free. And if you want to remove the link, you always have an editing program before printing.

Link: Uppercase

Geeky parents

Geeky parents

And we can also color these letters ourselves which is a geek alphabet in which there are no decorative elements. The letters stand out for their parallel shadow with a thick line so that we can cure it and know how to use them for parties, celebrations or simply decoration of some area of ​​our home.

Link: Geeky Parents

Lowercase drawings


The design of these coloring letters uses a pencil to be the most original and fun. With these lowercase coloring letters they are used for kindergartens and schools in which we want to use them to decorate the web or for our students to do a very nice creative work. You simply give each one and then put it away without fear.

Link: Lowercase drawings

Bubble letters

Bubble letters

These letters have an irregular stroke, but the truth that they are unique and original if we compare them to many others. With a prominent space, they are also quite easy to color, so we recommend them for those who have the longest line and find it difficult to go into details.

Link: bubble letters

Animal letters

Animal letters

Although they are in English, his drawing is so funny and nice that we are going to put them in these lines. Easy to color, although with their details, a series of letters with animals that cannot be missing in the collection for your children.

Link: animals

More animal letters

More animal letters

It is impossible not to be captivated by this animal letter series that, although they are in English, you are going to download them yes or yes. The letters are very large, although the drawing of each animal is more intricate and more complex.

Link: more animal letters

Happy birthday lettering


A birthday cake to color and thus congratulate the loved one with a dedication. Perfect for our children and thus make a gift, even if it is scribbling that no one understands. What counts is the intetion.

Cute letters to color

Beautiful letters

You have here several great beauty lettering templates and ready to color. They are with a more adult tone and ideas can arise just by contemplating the great quality of each one. We recommend that you press to open them and then save them.

Link: Pretty Letters

Curious letters to print

To print

To end we ended up with a series of letters to print high quality and high resolution.

Link: English alphabet

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