Thyssen Museum

For these days of quarantine for coronavirus there is nothing better than to get a online course of substance from the Thyssen Museum. This course is «Light and color in painting. The myth of Venice ».

There are almost no words for an exceptional course that is directed both for historians and the general public. A course that addresses the importance of color as a decisive factor in the artistic practice of Western painters.

The Thyssen Museum has taken the myth of Venice to reflect how the color is able to graduate the lighting in the scenes and how an appropriate study is more than necessary to capture the light in the pictorial works.

It puts the accent on Venice before Rome, being the second the protagonist in drawing paintingWhile the former had refined luxury and aesthetic enjoyment as its axis.

Thyssen Museum

The course «Light and color in painting. The myth of Venice ”, is understood from 9 videoconferences in Spanish which you can access from this link or play the first of the video embedded in this publication. You can sign up for the channel and follow the rest of the videoconferences that are a well of pictorial wisdom and that will show you how the great masters of painting studied color and light.

The course «Light and color in painting. The myth of Venice » – Web

9 videos that can be viewed in any order you want and that have a duration of 1 to 2 hours depending on the videoconference. A great opportunity in these days of quarantine to take the time to learn the classics and Venetian currents with a great use of color. And if you want to put your knowledge about color to the test, go through this Kandinsky test and it is extremely interesting.