We already knew a few weeks ago that Instagram is with the intention of removing the likes to users. And now we know that you are beginning to remove them from accounts in many regions of the world.

It all started as a test in Canada and Ireland, but it seems that the thing It is getting stronger with the withdrawal of likes in user accounts from other parts of the planet. We will see if this action has an impact on the popularity of the social network and if it is really worth it.

And the reason has to do with frustration and the neuroticism that prompts knowledge if our posts get a lot of likes. That is, it has to do with human psychology and how it is affecting millions of people around the world that their publications receive many likes.

I like it

That is, the idea is de-stress the Instagram experience and we really motivate ourselves for other reasons; Now let’s hope that by removing that stress, the rock will relax and begin to move on from entering this social network. This really seems pretty weird though.

Feedback is getting Instagram of famous artists and influencers who are giving their opinion and the experience of not having the likes counter. We will have to see how they will measure engagement, and everything seems to be that it will be through comments, since it may not matter if you have thousands of likes, if later people do not comment and encourage the publication.

What yes that can happen is that this change also reaches Facebook and let’s see changes in the way of counting likes, although there are always the times shared and that is usually an indicator of the quality of the given publication. Don’t miss out on how to use different fonts and letters on Instagram.