The likes are one of the basic concepts of a social network like Facebook. If a post gets more likes, it gets our attention. The funny thing is that now Facebook is considering hiding them, while only the author of the post or page could see them.

So I would follow the steps of Instagram that is also testing with the removal of likes in various countries. In these tests, users are able to see who has liked their photos and videos, but they cannot see the reaction counter on other people’s posts.

These suspicions come from the researcher Jane Manchn who found in the code of the Facebook app for Android some signs showing how the likes of the posts are hidden. What is very clear is that both Facebook and Instagram are considering the pros and cons of hiding the likes.

Because of course, when a post shows that it receives more likes, we tend to pull more towards them, although with the Facebook algorithm, when this is the case, it already appears on the front page hiding the publications that I like the least.

One of the good things about hiding the reaction counter and I like you is that it could make users more anxious about how they perceive how popular the content they post is. In fact there is already a law in the United States that is considering eliminating the infinite timeline and the automatic playback of videos to create more addiction than anything else.

We will see if these tests come to fruition and really get improvements in the day-to-day life of users who have taken social networks as a main part of their lives. At least where there are new generations that have Instagram as the central branch of their social relationships.

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