Lunacy comes to us from the official Windows 10 store so you can work with all kinds of files like those .sketch. Among its best features is its ability to work with vectors, images with their masks and all kinds of illustrations.

An app that you have from the Windows 10 store or that itself you can download as executable to have it offline at all times. A tool that has all those functions sought to make it a tool to others.

Apart from being able to work with .sketch files, which by the way a few days ago we had this novelty of UXpin, it gives us many facilities to deal with sketch files, organize pages, join and align objects or use typography tools.


Nor is the equation lacking ability to export files in PNG and SVG, or even programming with CSS and XAML code to get the most out of it. And we are talking about a solution for editing that even from its website allows you to “request” new features to be put to work on them.

Lunacy is created by the company behind icons and illustrations icons8 and it offers us the ability to install it in Windows 10 so that it only asks for 15MB of space. Another series of virtues is reading broken files in PSD, saving them in .sketch and even generating the work done to take it to a CDN.

A very current tool that he does not forget those details demanded by designers and with which he places himself in a more than important position to follow the path. Not everything is Adobe, so you always have to be attentive to this series of solutions that for certain jobs can help us not go through the box and limit ourselves to using it for free.

Access Lunacy 4.0 from this link.