Lyrics for Instagram: how to change Instagram Stories and more

Instagram lettering

Our Instagram account if we take care of it with emojis and links we can leave it very well, but if we use letters for Instagram, of those special ones, we can give it a unique and personalized touch to differentiate ourselves from thousands of others.

We are going to show you the different types of original letters that you can use and how we can “paste” that font to appear on our Instagram account and thus be the coolest of our friends and colleagues.

Applications to change the letters on Instagram

There are a good series of tools to be able to change the letters on Instagram. We can actually do it ourselves copying a text from a website and pasting it in our profile personal. Always taking care that when we reload the page it will continue with the same typeface and no strange characters appear. We also recommend that you try it from a PC, as it can sometimes cause problems in the desktop version, while the mobile version does not.

We are going to give you a list of apps so that you can change the style of your profile. In fact, Doing it from the computer may be better for you if you are more used to using the touchpad or the mouse. We are going to show you the best apps to change Instagram letters.

Cool Fonts for Instagram

Cool fancy

This app is the one with the best score and the one that has been received in the best possible way by the Instagram user community. If you want a variety of fonts, you are going to have it with this app, since it has more than 140 special fonts. With this series of fonts, apart from creating a well-personalized profile, you can create artistic and emoji visuals by combining the fonts.

Special fonts are based on Unicode and they can be used for other messaging apps such as email. That it uses Unicode means that it is supported by the major current platforms: Android and iOS. You will only have to type in the message and copy it. Then you go to Instagram and paste it in the profile or even in a publication.

In fact, this app can be perfect for continuous use with Instagram. If you want to write comments, publications or bio, you can at any time, since the experience it provides is more than perfect. You have it on Android.

Download on Android – Cool Fonts for Instagram

Cool Fonts – Fancy Cool Text

We have this app both on Android and iOS, and is one of those that has received the most scores. We can equate it to the previous one, so it will be a matter of taste and experiences. We always recommend that you try it before and then decide, since one of them may be better for you to produce in less time.

This app is a tool that converts normal text into a well-stylized one and that also helps us create those cool symbols. What it is in itself is an artistic letter generator. You can use it on all types of networks, even on WhatsApp.

Only you have to type the text, set the style and copy it to take it to another app and paste it.

Download on Android – Cool Fonts – Stylish Fancy Cool

Download on iPhone – Cool Fonts Stylish Fancy Cool Text Generator

Cool Fonts for Instagram

Cool fonts

We also have this app on both platforms. But the funny thing is on iOS has better reviews and ratings by the community. Like the other two, it is responsible for converting normal text into different types of font styles.

It works the same way: we type, copy and paste in the chosen social network. One of its handicaps, and which also occurs in the Android version, is that it sometimes requests the user to visit the web. What can be confusing.

Download on Android – Cool Fonts for Instagram

Download on iOS – Cool Fonts for Instagram

Text Font Generator – Encode Messages

Text Font Generator

This app is purely one dedicated to the generation of texts in unicode, which means that you can access a wide variety of fonts, rare symbols, decorations and encrypt messages with encryption. It is simply dedicated to generating text, so you will not find more.

Of course, it will be of great help to add great style text in the biography, Instagram Stories, messages or any part of the Instagram app in which you can type. It is not available for all countries, so see if you can install it.

Download on Android – Text Font Generator Encode Messages

Stylish Text

We have this app on Android and iOS and it will even serve us to add text directly in other applications like WhatsApp. It also contains a lot of variety of styles, theme options, and rare symbols.

Simple and basic, but very useful for the amount of options you have. Another of its highlights is that we have it on both platforms, so if you have an iPad and an Android device, if you get used to it, you will always use it to create those special texts for Instagram.

Download on Android – Stylish

Download on iOS – Stylish

How to change the font on Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories They are the most of the most and you just have to take a look around us when we go by train, or by bus in a big city. Everyone uses and plays them to see how much of their lives their colleagues, friends, not so friends and followers have shared.

Through the Instagram app itself

We are going to teach you how to change the font on Instagram Stories from the app itself. As we are faced with the option of being able to upload an edited video in an editing app, such as Adobe Premiere CC, or even from our PC with some of the most common editing programs, we first start with the easiest option. Then we show you an app to edit from your mobile and thus upload them.

Instagram Stories

  • First we open Instagram Stories.
  • We upload an image, make a new one or whatever …
  • Click on the icon in the upper right part of the text.
  • We type a text.
  • Now click on the upper part, right in the center to switch between the 5 different fonts that Instagram offers: classic, modern, neon, typewriter and bold.
  • We already have our font with a special typeface that helps our personal brand or the company in which we are working.

Via Animoto

With Animoto we can access a large selection of 36 fonts These include calligraphic, elegant, serifs, sans, bold, fine and many more. We are facing a very popular video editor that we can use for other purposes, but its great quality is that it already comes with the Instagram Stories format to be able to compose them from our mobile; That is, we can go from our PC to create that perfect Instagram Stories.


  • We first downloaded Animoto for Android, although it must be said that it is not available in all countries.
  • For iOS you have here the link to the App Store: download in the App Store
  • We choose a template for Stories and upload an image or video.
  • We can change the color and other things of the logo, the brand and more.
  • We add text and we can choose between all kinds of fonts such as Montserrat, Roboto, Lato, Aleo Bold and many more.
  • We change the color and we will have the changed font ready for Instagram Stories

Through Adobe Spark


The Adobe app to create multimedia content for social networks it is more than perfect. We have it available on both Android as in iOS, so you will have the same experience from any mobile.

We will follow the same steps as with Animoto. That is to say, we select the Instagram Stories template, we choose the photograph and we can use a great variety of fonts that Adobe Spark has. Like we can use shapes, effects, colors and much more. It is a matter of testing the different apps and choosing the one that best suits our style or what we are looking for.

Download Adobe Spark: on Android / on iOS

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