Mark Jenkins is an artist who machiavellically has placed 30 mannequins with very real postures in different parts of this planet and that at a first glance we are going to confuse with a normal person to whom something is happening.

A way of Trolling staff and thus satisfy the concerns of this artist who seeks to strike hard in people’s minds. If we say hit hard it is due to the provocation of the poses of those 30 mannequins conscientiously placed in certain parts of some of the most important cities in the world.

Jenkings makes an open criticism of society with the poses taken by his 30 mannequins. What it tries is that questions arise that surely do not occur to us. So it opens a space in our mind to have a little more critical thinking.


And the truth is that those mannequins so well located are capable of surprising us. From one placed in a tunnel as if it were holding the two walls, or another without a head stamped against the wall of any corner of a large city.


And it will make us more nervous than if we look at the roof of a skyscraper we meet a series of mannequins as if they were observing us or simply challenging us.


Nor is that other mannequin with a traffic signaling cube dropped on a wall, or that other that is wrapped in a tangle of plastics to show the same world of that material that we are creating.


East artist plays with the pedestrian’s gaze that you are used to a very routine scenario. We cannot ignore that mannequin stamped on a fountain that, with a more than relaxed pose, challenges anyone who passes near it. We leave you with Melgrati and his criticism of society.


You have his Instagram.