Match the colors of your designs with Adobe Color CC

Adobe color scheme

You have heard of the color psychology and the importance of its domain to make a good design. What each color and its possible combinations transmit to us separately is something you have to know if you want your designs to correctly communicate a message.

When designing, one must take into account aesthetic aspects such as the composition, the balance between all the elements, the use of an appropriate typography and the correct use of color.

In the following image we leave you an example of the use of color by different brands. This choice of color is always taking into account the values ​​you want to convey.

Psychology of color in brands

Choosing the color is not an easy task and even less combining several colors at the same time, that is why we bring you a tool that can help you find the perfect combination, Adobe Color CC is a color wheel that allows you to combine analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary, composite colors, by shades and of course, customize them to your liking. To use this tool we advise you to know well the arrangement of the colors in the chromatic circle.

Before you get down to work, we will explain the basic notions about color to be able to start using this Adobe tool:

The analog colors They are those that are in a harmonious scheme with each other, for example, the analogous colors of orange would be red and yellow.

The monochrome colors, as its name indicates, they are shades of the same color, for example the different shades of blue.

A triad they are the colors found on the chromatic circle arranged in the shape of an equilateral triangle, for example orange, purple and green.

The complementary colors are the ones on the opposite side in the color wheel, for example red and green.

Now, you can start creating your own color combinations and give your designs meaning.

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