This time they are the well-known McDonald’s fries which in various advertisements serve as a road guide for motorists and all types of vehicles.

They have taken the conceptual design of what French fries are sticking out of its red package, to create directions so that any motorist can go directly to their establishments.

Designed by TWAParis for McDonald’s France, each poster serves as an indicator with the text “go straight,” turn left, or “turn right.”

Not only are they valid for these three indications, but there are up to 64 different variations and that show the high degree of originality and creativity treasured by this agency of creatives who have been able to give these chips another use.

McDonald's fries

We recommend that see the video we share so that you can see for yourself the originality of each one and how each one has an exclusive function as a poster for McDonald’s.

Regarding the design it is a brilliant idea and that goes hand in hand with the new identity carried out by designer Turner Duckworth. An advertising campaign that distances itself greatly from those hats designed by KFC and that have left us a slightly strange taste in our mouths due to the uselessness of the concept.

An advertisement that serves as example for anyone starting out in the basic principles of advertising design. Take an element that has a special link with the brand and use it to turn it into the identity of a new campaign so that after transforming it, it is able to show another tone of the brand.

A idea superbly carried out by that French creative team to turn McDonald’s fries into the road guide for motorcyclists and drivers in their hunger pangs.