McDonald’s withdraws its logo reflecting social distancing


We have passed these days behind the concepts of some artists who have taken social distancing due to the coronavirus to famous logos. McDonald’s has tried, but finally had to apologize for the lack of taste.

Brands are seizing the moment of the coronavirus to give a “minimal” twist to your logos and thus adapt to these new times. McDonald’s has tried, but as you might say, it backfired.

It was last week when McDonald’s launched a new advertisement where its two famous golden arches They appeared well separated to go to the case of social distancing imposed by the quarantine; By the way, here we are almost going through the 10 days in Madrid, Spain.

The advertising created by DPZ & T agency, appeared on the social networks of the brand of fast food restaurants in Brazil with the motto, in which it was said, that we can be apart for a moment so that we can be together forever. After a negative response from the community, they have finally had to remove from all their social networks that advertising with the golden arches well separated.

Around here they have already past an artist who showed his great idea concept for some logos and another by separating the letters of the Google logo. Creative ideas, but that have not served for McDonald’s and that poorly achieved publicity.

An inopportune time for that advertisement with the golden arches separated and that it has served for social networks to give back what they thought about it. Surely it will not be the last brand that is going to try to take advantage of the era of the coronavirus to do branding. As always, you have to be very careful because those positive intentions on the part of the company can turn into a great setback as has happened to McDonald’s.

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