Microsoft Surface Neo is a new dual screen tablet for 2020

Surface pro

When it comes to folding devices, we can be quite astonished with the dual screen of the new Microsoft tablet and which he has called Surface Neo.

A great device that has surprised to locals and strangers for the elegance of the design and for its productivity. In other words, we are talking about having two screens that can be joined to form a larger tablet, or we can keep each of them according to our needs.

Microsoft knows they have a winning horse with the Surface, so let’s get started to expand the range to reach to all types of users and needs. Microsoft’s new foldable tablet is really eye-catching.

The Surface Neo is a foldable tablet with dual screen that is also characterized by having the Surface Pen In the back. It includes a folding magnetic keyboard and even a trackpad so that nothing is missing with this brand new device.

So it has everything we could want in a tablet. It has a thickness of 5.6 millimeters, which does Apple good where it hurts, and includes the thinnest LCD screen ever created. Weighing in at 655 grams and with a 360-degree hinge, we just hope it’s tough enough to handle your daily chores with these types of devices.

A Surface Neo that in the software has Windows 10X, the new OS specially designed for dual screen devices. It also includes an Intel chip, the Lakefield with an integrated 11th generation graphics solution.

As for the screens, it consists of two 9-inch screens and with the great feature that these apps adapt through the two screens. The have two screens in our hand It means that we can have the drawing app in one hand, while in another we have the social network. Just think about the possibilities for streaming and other types of tasks.

We do not know the price, but yes that will fall for the next year 2020. We know, it still seems like a long time, but it sure is worth the wait. A completely renewed Microsoft that seems more up-to-date than a few years ago; even with these ideas.

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