The image banks and all types of files they have a great punch. But it seems that this is not so intense for Remix 3D, a site where 3D models can be shared and that by 2020 it will disappear according to Microsoft, the owner of the site.

From a message that can be found when entering its website, Remix 3D warns that the service will no longer exist as of January 2020. Not only will it disappear, but all user data will pass away to the sadness of some who have found this site as one of their basics for their adventures in 3D.

I mean, we talk about what all generated 3D models by the users as well as their data, they will disappear from the system so that we cannot even download them or we would like a copy of them. Of course, this does not mean that we can pass those models to a cloud service so that we can share them.

Remix 3D

In fact, it is Microsoft itself that advises doing it so as not to lose the models that we have uploaded to this service called Remix 3D. The funny thing about this service is that it first arrived in 2017 as a Windows 10 update.

That is, it is a service that came out on a par with Paint 3D with that update for creatives. And you have to know that from the month of August, specifically from the 7th, no more models generated in 3D can be uploaded to the service. In other words, the doors are closed so that we have a series of months to download all those that we would have uploaded to the service.

And even though don’t take the online service long eitherIt is always rare for a community of 3D model files to disappear with all that goes with it. Do not miss this tutorial on the Photoshop 3D tool.