How to draw hands

The hands are something quite complicated to draw. In fact, the great painters of classical painting left their hands for their assistants and apprentices. But thanks to these great tricks from Miyuli everything will be easier.

The thing is to have a real idea of ​​what we are drawing and apply a little logicto. The knowledge of the human body, with its skeletons and muscles, is of vital importance and in fact it is studied by itself in order to later be able to better draw all kinds of poses.

The truth is that Miyuli’s tweets with some images that show some tricks to draw hands are of great value. From like the palm of the hand, the exterior is always curved when it is fully opened, or like the nails, when they are long, they tend to fall downwards.

The same happens with nail geometry which are usually three straight verticals with several crossing at an angle to always keep in mind the shape of this element of a finger.

Draw hands

In a simple illustrative image we can find some tips that we must always follow to better understand how to draw hands. From the perspective and as the curves change immediately to the proportionality of the fingers that usually add in length what is the distance of the palm itself.

Tricks for drawing hands

As we always recommend, the more we draw the easier it will be to draw hands. and always have an eraser handy to erase everything that is badly drawn. You can also see what not to do when drawing hands as indicated by the illustrator himself in a series of tweets.

You can follow him to learn his next tricks and thus be all masters of hand drawing. A bit of patience, talent and tenacity and they will be yours so that your characters are more expressive and real. We leave you with these tricks for hands in Photoshop.