Neighborhoods full of urban art that will surprise you

Street Art Lisbon

Silvia Martinez

Streets full of impressive paintings, impossible graffiti, stickers and murals full of originality … Who has not been impressed with urban art while walking quietly through a neighborhood anywhere in the world?

And it is that, urban art, street art or Street art floods the streets of virtually every city in the world. Illegally and generally with a political message, this form of claim has been adopted by many artists as a protest.

Next we are going to see picturesque neighborhoods that have become famous precisely for having these great works of art free and accessible to everyone. We will also see some famous artists in this sector.

Lisbon neighborhoods

Lisbon, Portuguese capital, is famous for its route of Street art, which attracts a multitude of national and international artists. The Huffington Post already saw Lisbon as one of the world’s great centers for urban creativity. So much so, that the city it even has a Gallery of Urban Art (GAU), which regulates everything that surrounds this issue. Also, within the route, highlights a legal urban space for street art creation, the Hall of Fame of Amoreiras. It is an area of ​​the city where there are walls where each artist can develop their creativity, on the condition that after a week or a few months, depending on the work, another artist can create on top of it. It is an ephemeral art, which changes and adapts to the different messages that are to be transmitted in a given period. The good thing about this is that every time you visit the place, it will be completely different.

Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

Baltic triangle

This neighborhood is considered one of the most modern in the city of Liverpool, birthplace of The Beatles. Full of street art, there is also a route to enjoy it. In it we can find not only murals everywhere, but also stores specialized in products for the development of graffiti and other techniques, as well as a multitude of exhibition spaces for urban artists. Some picturesque areas are Oldham Place, Parr Street, Lost Hills or Jamaica Street. The works of these streets will surely sound familiar to you, as some are world famous.

The Bushwick neighborhood of New York


Angie castells

Despite being one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York, this neighborhood we are surprised by the large amount of street art it has. Located in northeast Brooklyn, it is a neighborhood full of warehouses at a glance. But delving into it, we can find many galleries and art stores. Its artists will surprise you.

Banksy, urban artist par excellence


If there is any street artist who has triumphed in recent years for its satirical political messages and vindictive that is, without a doubt, Banksy. What is unusual about this British artist is that he wants to remain completely anonymous. Despite this, he has managed to publish several books where he shows his works around the world, make a documentary film, Exit Through the Gift Shop (She was nominated for an Oscar) and even exhibited her work in various art galleries, where she entered disguised and hung her paintings clandestinely.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

The famous enigmatic phrases on the walls of New York They are the work of this late American street artist. Even Andy Warhol himself asked him to participate in his creations. Currently his works are highly valued, selling for many millions of dollars.

Julian Beever

British artist who performs spectacular three dimensional street paintings with chalk. It is capable of creating very realistic images and optical illusions by defying the laws of perspective. It is an ephemeral art, as the chalk is easily erased by the traffic of the streets and the weather conditions. It has become world famous thanks to the Internet and social networks.

Now, every time you walk through your city or another destination, do not forget to look at the art that covers even the smallest corner, because it has a message to send you!

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