Super LEGO Mario

Seriously that if we think that Nintendo’s Mario grew up in a “pixelated” intern, the idea of ​​putting it together with the LEGO grid is more than just a cool idea. And it is precisely what has happened, Nintendo and LEGO join forces for Super LEGO Mario.

A collaboration to create a new product and that will surely give the two great benefits. Not only for what the toy itself is, but for everything that may arise, A Super LEGO Mario movie? Video game?

For the moment we stay in front of a LEGO Mario building set and that brilliantly combines both the LEGO building blocks with all the digital and the technology of the Japanese company.

In fact, the figure of Mario contains vinyls on his face and body, and you can interact with the blocks to collect coins and progress through the levels. Another of the highlights of this construction set is that Mario’s face has expressions and they change when we place Mario in a block of fire.

One of the goals of this building set is bring the essence of Super Mario Maker, the video game in which you can create your own levels yourself. So we’re talking about totally bringing Mario into the physical world, and who won’t be able to get carried away by the magic of Nintendo and its characters with this construction set?

At the moment all the complete specifications and the price of the set are not known, so we will have to wait a bit to get our hands on this Mario’s new adventure taken from everything physical and LEGO building blocks. A great initiative like others that the Danish toy company has had in recent years.