Noah is a new typeface that you should not miss for the clarity of its design and for how well it can be in a lot of solutions. A typeface that includes 72 fonts and is divided into four subfamilies.

A of those very versatile sources and that can get us out of a lot of trouble. Fontfabric from its website has made four Noah fonts available for you to try and so you can convince yourself to buy it complete to make at its different weights and get the most out of it.

In fact the four fonts that are included for free from your website They are: Noath bold, Noah Bold Italic, Noah Regular and Noath Regular Italic. A very clean font that has enough details to make it very elegant and that can be used in different places.

Noah text

So we can use it to static designs, logos or products, just like for a website that needs a fancy font. Nor is there anything bad for online advertising, apps and even those formats to read books such as ePub.

A typeface that speaks for itself and is characterized by the limits of height c so that it is flexible enough to take advantage of it. It has that human and different touch that for certain topics in a blog it can come or even painted.


Noah in total are 72 fonts divided into four families with different heights. We can go from Noah Grotesque, Noah Text and Noah Head. It has enough weights for a variety of reasons and supports extended Latin and Cyrillic scripts for more than 130 languages.

You can download it for free from this link and buy it individually for 27.99 euros each font, apart from the 4 free ones, and the whole pack for 310.99 euros. A source that can be the one you were looking for just like these others.

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