Wear a mask

There is nothing to say about the power that can have a surgical mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These same ingenious illustrations of “Wear a Mask” are perfect to raise awareness of the necessary use of this element in moments as complicated as we live.

Noma Ban is the artist behind these 4 illustrations that ingeniously express different emotions related to this pandemic that has forced us to use surgical masks as well as those made of cloth that we have to wash daily for correct use.

Noma Ban is an artist recognized for her illustrations that achieve optical effects of all kindsSo give her a mask and you will find these 4 posters that do not leave anyone indifferent for their powerful message.

These 4 illustrations have been brought carried out in collaboration with McCann Health New York and the Mucinex pharmaceutical company. The illustrations represent everyday scenes in which you have to wear a mask on your face to protect yourself from COVID-19.


The reason for the publication of these 4 illustrations is due to the prevailing need for the use of masks. And there are still people who do not understand the need for its use when this COVID-19 uses the spread by aerosol, as one of the ones with the highest percentage of effect, to spread as it has done in this year 2020.

And how art did not have to be the best form of power express the need of the planet now to make efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. Some very creative illustrations that we encourage you to share to take with colleagues and friends as well as family.

They have not been few publications in which we have shown the covers of The New Yorker or those Disney masks.