In this non-stop of days, Adobe has also updated Illustrator with what would be the integration of Cloud documents and another series of improvements that we are going to comment on.

An Adobe that has been updating each of its apps such as that Camera Photoshop or the same integration of the audio in Adobe Stock; an interesting arrival to have a complete library of audio tracks to integrate into projects in Premiere Pro.

Going back to Illustrator, this latest version introduces Cloud documents and improvements to optimize the flow of work. We are talking about an automatic autosave to track the version of the document so that Cloud documents make working with Illustrator easier and more unique than ever.


Having the documents in the cloud makes it very clear the ease of use for forget about having to be saving locally the jobs. Including what would be the version history and allowing us to tag, follow and revert to any version of the job. This new feature will continue to be improved with the ability to share documents with others.


To be able to enjoy the Cloud documents nothing more than you have to save the file as a cloud document. We also now have a larger canvas: when you start a new project in the document settings, the canvas automatically expands in size when the document dimensions are greater than 227 inches.

This new version maximize your PC’s GPU to render graphics just as you design. That is, when this option is activated, the object is rendered as you designed it even if you apply gradients, effects or stroke styles.

Also they have been including improvements to the feedback received by Illustrator’s own creative community. They are art boards to cut and paste, the new document window opens 10 times faster, you can activate the rules for multiple documents and when saving a file it is done directly to the last location or to the default Illustrator folder.