Photoshop Curves

A while ago we have let you know the significant news of Creative Cloud, to now focus on Two Biggest New Features for Adobe Photoshop on the iPad: curves and brush sensitivity.

Two important and notorious characteristics that if possible they bring the iPad version closer to the one we have on the desktop. There is nothing to say about curves and that is one of the best characteristics to hit the spot when we retouch the color and tone values ​​in an image.

Today Adobe announced the arrival of curves to Adobe Photoshop on the iPad. This function we allows specific adjustments to image color and tone; We talk about contrast, saturation, high contrasts, shadows, and color balance.

New strokes

This first version includes tone curve adjustments for all channels, multi-node selection and some new and greater possibilities for the app to recognize when you want to click and drag a node with your finger or brush. At the moment we will have to wait for the numerical entries to specify the settings, and they are widely used on the desktop. Adobe will add it soon.

Pressure sensitivity

With that future update too will include eyedropper tools. So there is much to come. Adobe has also included the brush pressure sensitivity adjustment in this update to Photoshop on iPad. They have collected feedback from many users who “felt” that they were pushing too hard to make certain strokes.

So you can fine tune the “shot” with strokes that will be more sensitive to the touch and that surely many will be able to enjoy their illustrations and creative works. Now there is a slider that allows us to change from light to “stronger” pressure.

Two Important new features to give wings to Adobe Photoshop on the iPad and that is already taking time to use if you have this great program on the Apple table.