There are many image editing apps out there, but I’ve been discovering ColorStory for a while now, and I really like it.

In truth, I do not use this application to edit photos, I use it above all to organize my Instagram, and it is really useful.

What does it offer?

It is a free application that offers us many editing possibilities:

  • A wide variety of filters
  • Effects of lights, color, stars, etc.
  • Light, contrast, illumination, color settings, etc.

Although it is true that it also has a store where we can buy a wide variety of accessories.

Below you can see an image of a photograph without retouching and then retouched.

Before and after photography

But what I really like the most about this application and what I use it for the most is for organize my Instagram. It was a real headache for me to think about the posts and how my account would look visually.

To be able to see the final result of my account, I first organized my Instagram into squares in Illustrator, exported it and tried to publish every day, however many times I forgot.

But when I discovered ColorStory this problem was over. What this application allows me is to organize my Instagram in a very simple way and I will remember when I have to.


  1. First you have to register your Instagram account
  2. The application shows you your latest publications, something that is very useful because you start from a real base.
  3. We can start to upload our photos and order them as we like it more, and even edit them.
  4. Another aspect to highlight is that it also we can write the post of each publication
  5. We schedule time and date for publication
  6. Now alone wait for it to remind us when to post

Really eIt is an application that is easy to use and that will greatly facilitate your work and save you time. If you use it, tell me what you think.

Photo montage