Any surface can be turned into a makeshift canvas. This is the case with these small stones that a Japanese artist has transformed into animal cuckoos by painting them with, we understand, what is acrylic, although it could possibly also be in oil.

Nail stones that form themselves They already give all the inspiration to this artist who affirms that it is the same stone that inspires her to paint both animals. And if we look closely at the shapes of the painted stones, they make it seem like a dove or a small bird.

Akie Nakata is the creator of these painted stones and transformed into small animals. She herself affirms that when she looks for stones, they are the same ones that inspire her to paint a small porcupine, or a series of small owls that leave us dazzled by how cute they are.


In fact, she says that until those eyes come to life, just as if those little owls were there looking at her or that very funny porcupine, keep painting them. And we have seen numerous examples of artists who have taken the stones to turn them into art. James Brunt and his mandalas are one such example, or Devin Devine’s glueless stone sculptures.

little cat

The truth that many of Nakata’s small painted stones they are a reminder of that nature that we now have far from us in these days of quarantine in our country.

Painted stones

We can find that special touch in using the stone to paint an animal like the one we have above these lines. Or that tiger lying down looking at the one who observes the details of a stone painted with great grace.


We encourage you to follow Akie Nakata’s Instagram social network so you can follow his great work with these stones. A amazing way not to lose detail of your progress.