Personalized Christmas cards: ideas and how to make them

Personalized Christmas cards

The Christmas season is one of the most special for many people around the world. And one of the details that they have for family, friends or relatives is sending Christmas cards. However, if you want it to be even more special, then you should go for personalized Christmas cards.

Even if you think it is silly, or that it is no longer worn, the truth is that recovering that illusion by receiving them is worth it. But, if you’re not good at create personalized christmas cards, or you think you have no ideas to make them, you’ve come to the right place. Because below you will be able to enjoy some ideas that will help you surprise the other person in a very special way.

Personalized Christmas cards: ideas that will make them unforgettable

Personalized Christmas cards

You can buy Christmas cards in multiple places, from physical places to online stores. But if you spend a little time at home, these will also be perfect, and even better than the purchased ones because they not only represent a detail to remember that special person; You’ve also taken the time to create something from scratch thinking about who will receive it.

Therefore, today we have proposed give you some ideas so you can send your best wishes and, who knows, also good energies for those people who need a little push to see things in a positive way. Do you want to know what you can do? Well pay attention to these ideas.

Personalized Christmas cards: some very “cottony” snowmen

Personalized Christmas cards: some very snowmen "cottony"

To make this card you will only need a pen or permanent marker, a little cardboard and cotton, the star element. You have to start by cutting the card out of the cardboard. We recommend that it be of a strong color so that the cotton stands out. For example, red, green, black, gold … Why? Well, because if you put it on a white card, the white on white is canceled and then you will not have the 3D effect that we want to give it.

Then you need take cotton and make three balls of different sizes: one large, one medium and one small. As you know, a snowman is made up of those balls. And it is what you are going to recreate.

Now, with the cardboard, you must cut out a nose in the shape of a carrot (orange), a scarf (which can be red, black …) and a top hat. You have it all? Well, it’s time to take the glue and glue the balls, one on top of the other.

Add the nose, the hat and the scarf and finish the details (for example the arms, the eyes, the buttons …) with the black marker that we mentioned before. And you will have the perfect Christmas card.

Personalized Christmas cards: some very snowmen "cottony"

Christmas cards made with buttons

Christmas cards made with buttons

Buttons are always something found in houses. And of course, many times you don’t even know where they came from. So you hang out with a great variety. To reuse them, you might consider putting them to make personalized Christmas cards. How is it done? Well, very easy.

To get started, start by choosing the buttons you want to use. Once you have them, think about the following: How would they look better: like “Christmas balls”, like Christmas trees, like snowmen …? Well yes, all that and much more is what you can do with the buttons.

In fact, we leave you some images that will help you see what the buttons can do for you. The truth is that there is something for all tastes, since you can even make Christmas trees, candy canes, garlands with buttons, deer (Rudolph) …

Your own Christmas card with your photo

Your own Christmas card with your photo

There is nothing more personalized than a photo of you, or of your family, to congratulate the holidays. And the truth is that they are increasingly used. Yes, even the Royal House does! So it is another option you have.

However, Not everyone is good at assembling photos to create the final card, and you have to make use of the online pages, or programs, to make it. If you do not have much skill, we recommend the first, that is, the Internet pages. But if you are not bad at design, bet on programs to create something totally original and from scratch. In general, we can recommend the following pages to create your personalized Christmas cards:

Personalized Christmas cards with Pixiz


It is one of the most popular and used pages for making photo collages. In it you can find different Christmas templates that will help you give you ideas to create the best Christmas card. In addition, it has the advantage that it is not limited to one photo but that you can find several photos, which for a family can be great (you can create a greeting with several photos of the family or of yourself in different poses. If you do it, it allows you to download it for free and without any type of logo, so that later you can print it and send it or give it to whoever you want.



Another option available to you is Canva. In fact, it is one of the most used because you can create the design you want and then save it on your computer to print it. The good thing about this is that It not only allows you to include images on templates, but you can also retouch them and add text, emojis or other types of decoration to create something totally new.

Personalized Christmas cards with Pixum


It is very similar to Pixiz as you can make personalized Christmas postcards with your photos. Of course, in this case, and unlike the others, we are talking about a page that charges for those cards.

Personalized Christmas cards with Crello


Similar to Canva, you have another way to create personalized holiday cards for the whole family. In addition, it is free and once finished you can download and share it. So it may be interesting to make your own designs.

How to create your personalized Christmas cards

How to create your personalized Christmas cards

Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to start, step by step, to create your Christmas postcards. And for this, we recommend the following:

  • Think about the design you want to make. You always have something in mind. Then you will have to search the pages for where to make it happen, unless you are good at doing it yourself.
  • Have what you need handy. A phrase, the photos you want to include, the emojis or icons that you are going to include, or the materials if you want to make personalized and handmade cards.
  • Get to work and do not leave until finished. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to start and not finish, because in the end it will take twice or three times to do it. So try to create it from start to finish. It won’t take long and at the same time you will feel more productive.

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