It is not magic, but it does have great transforming power this patch called PhotoGIMP and that will give GIMP wings so that the experience almost equal to that of Photoshop.

Although interface question always this type of programs are very similar one to the other, if one gets used to its shortcuts and those windows, having this patch in our hands, whether on Linux, PC and MacOS, is to enjoy it.

If yesterday we learned about an extension that allows you to remove backgrounds in one stroke in Photoshop itself, today we are going to give GIMP a twist to that is just like this Adobe program.

GIMP is one of the largest programs, on from the perspective of being free, so it has its thousands of followers. As it is a program that does not demand so many resources from the system, so for older PCs it is more than recommended.

And it is PhotoGIMP the one who does the magic. There is its repository on GitHub, precisely in the Diolinux account and it is a vital patch for those who go from Photoshop and want to go quickly to GIMP. Especially to imitate their behavior.

From this page we teach how to install the necessary files to “patch” GIMP and transform it. Among its best features are fonts, Python filters, and its better ability to take advantage of the main GIMP window. An interesting proposal for those who want a free program that does not consume so many resources and that has that similar aspect in the interface for those who have been very used to the Adobe program.

Don’t waste your time if you use GIMP to move on to this patch that transforms it in an almost magical way. Go for it.