Photographers who will make you hallucinate with the use of macro


Photograph by Levon Biss

Have you ever seen a mite on a large scale? Do you know how is the structure of the wool of your sweater? What are the eyes of flies like?

Macro photography consists of taking pictures of very small objects, in such a way that we can see in great detail things that, with the naked eye, we are not able to detect. The legs of an ant, the texture of the leaf of a plant, the shapes of snowflakes … and everything that can be photographed.

What should we keep in mind if we want to do macro photography? First of all it is important to have a suitable lens, the so-called macro lens. It is an accessory specially designed to focus correctly at a very short distance, which is why it is usually expensive. If we want to go further and take high-magnification photographs, we must have a super macro objective (generally between 6x and 10x magnification), which has extraordinary optical quality, without being a microscope.

Next we are going to talk about several macro photography artists who have achieved worldwide fame for their original and peculiar photographs of the world that surrounds us and that we do not see.

Andrey Osokin, the snowflake photographer


Photograph by Andrey Osokin

If there are really fascinating macro photographs, they are those that represent the varied and complex structures that snowflakes can have. Andrey Osokin is a Russian macro photographer who shows us on his page how fascinating this miniature geometric world is. We can also find photographs of the busy life of ants or dewdrops at dawn. These are true works of art.

Alberto Seveso, the artist who plays with ink


Photograph by Alberto Seveso

Another great artist of macro photography is the Italian Alberto Seveso, whose photographs will make us hallucinate in color, never better. In them, the use of colored ink in water stands out, whose shapes are captured with a high-speed camera. Each work is unique and different, due to variations in color and shape of the ink.

Sharon Johnstone, the Raindrop Artist


Photograph by Sharon Johnstone

If there is a photographer who stands out in macro images of raindrops, that is undoubtedly the English Sharon Johnstone. In his gallery we can see a large number of this type of photographs, full of melancholy. As she herself says: Macro photography allows me to escape to another small world, I am passionate about studying the minute details that nature offers. I like to find beautiful colors and abstract compositions.

Levon Biss

This English photographer shows us impressive insects with the macro of his camera, creating Microsculpture, an impressive portfolio of his wonderful photographs, which also serve for scientific study due to the great meticulousness of the structures they show. In addition, in this portfolio, Levon Biss explains to us what his technique consists of, which is supported by the use of a microscope and its powerful camera (36 megapixels, with a 10x objective, connected to another fixed focal lens of 200 mm). Various photographs are taken with a micron distance between them, as the camera moves along an electronic track. From the final photographs of the insect (about 8000) about 30 well-focused sections are taken, which are grouped into a single photo thanks to Photoshop, in such a way that all the details of the insect are very well focused and with precise light. Each final photograph is a work of art that takes about three weeks to complete.

Rosemary * and her flower photographs

This flower-loving Japanese photographer and of the pink tones, he surprises us with macro photographs that are authentic works of art. With his exquisite taste and the soft colors of the flowers, leaves and landscapes that he photographs, he is able to convey great peace and tranquility. A fantastic way to appreciate the nature that surrounds us, paying attention to those little details that make it so special.

And you, do you dare to travel to a miniature world?

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