Photoshop becomes the program with the most advanced AI

Photoshop AI

Great day for those of us who have been working with Photoshop for many years (more than 20 years in my case), and which leads us to enjoy the new update carried out by Adobe of the program with AI o More advanced Artificial Intelligence for creatives.

That is, if we have been talking about Adobe Sensei numerous times, this time Adobe has taken some features to another level in Photoshop that we are going to detail below. All of them coming from Adobe MAX and that during three days they will be showing numerous recognized artists.

Today Adobe Photoshop has updated with 5 very important news related to AI. The use of AI technology will allow us to work like we have never done before by reducing time on certain tasks and focusing more on compositions, creativity and ideas.

Neural filters in Photoshop

These five novelties are the Neural Filters, replace Sky, the new Discover panel and two new Refine Edge selections. The Neural Filters or Neural Filters comes with a series of new filters that are in beta state, but that have enough quality so that we can try bite-sized in relation to them. This means that they will get better due to their machine learning over time.


The ability to substitute for the sky, which we talked about a few weeks ago, is able to “intelligently” separate what is the sky from the rest of the composition. We could already see his great ability to transform scenes into more dynamic and amazing ones.

Replace Sky

On the other hand we have the Discover panel that comes loaded with tools and tricks to help us work faster. It is in charge of offering advice and recommendations based on the work we are doing and includes one-click actions to save us time.

Refine hair

Refine Edge and Refine Hair both use AI to improve selections that can include objects that are a bit “complicated” to select such as good hair.

Refine Hair

Adobe also shows part of its objectives with those tools We already have how to select people or objects, to indicate that the rest of the tools will incorporate AI to improve workflows.

A Photoshop that has received a big update and that adds to other novelties such as Fresco for the iPhone or Illustrator for the iPad.

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