Nowadays I consider that social networks, and above all Instagram, are creating or transforming us into a totally visual society. How many times do you browse Instagram per day? I think if I started counting the times I open this social network every day we would talk about an average of 30 times. You may think “how exaggerated!” Possibly even more.

This brings us to a image oversaturationWe already believe ourselves to be good photographers, but I’m sorry, it’s not like that. You can take a nice photograph, or many, but that does not make you a good photographer.

And why do I say this? Because behind a good photograph there is a lot of work, and not from one day, nor from one person, there are many people who are part of this project.

I will tell what are the preliminary steps for a good photo session.

  1. Think about the topic.
  2. Create a folder of references. For me it’s like when I design, I need to soak up references, styles, approaches, light, etc.
  3. Think all elements that I will need for the session.
  4. Raise the position of the elements.
  5. The lighting. This factor is very important for the final result. Because without good lighting all the previous work is useless.
  6. When we have the study set up with all the elements we have to start shoot, but not 1 or 2 or 3, but many more photographs, because surely out of 40, we will like 2 or 3.Session preparation
  7. Once we have selected the photographs that we like the most we must edit them. Ideally, edit them as little as possible.Edit the photo

And finally, after all these steps we can say that we have the desired photo. Do not be discouraged! I’m not saying that you are a bad photographer, but if you follow these steps you will be better.