promising results at Balenciaga

Balenciaga has long been known as an innovative designer, a trendsetter in the fashion industry. So it was only natural that the brand made its debut on TikTok, THE social network of the moment. And the results are very promising…

His strategy on TikTok? TopView!

Balenciaga launched a shopping campaign on TikTok over the Christmas period using TopView, a very engaging format in the UK and France.

Its mission: to raise awareness of TikTok among a new audience and to be the first high-end luxury brand to test and use the TopView format in the UK, France and Italy.

TopView, what is it?

TopView is a video ad format that presents the brand at the opening of the application, thus reaching a wider audience. It has the same effect as a brand takeover, allowing you to significantly increase views and video engagement.

In addition to mass user engagement, the format offers the functionality to link to internal or external landing pages to encourage users to learn more.

A successful TikTok campaign

The campaign generated more than 23 million impressions in the United Kingdom, France and Italy. The average CTR across all markets was around 18%, including 20.56% in Italy.

With a combined total of more than 25 million video views, user engagement rates were also well above average. TopView also generated more than 4.5 million clicks to the landing page.

Give it a try!

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