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«Pop Art & co. Flyer »by QuattroVageena is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Do you like making textile patterns but don’t know how to promote them in real life? Do you want to find a job as a product designer? This is your post!

If we look around us, there are many products that have a repeating pattern or pattern (patterned bedspreads, wall papers, handkerchiefs …) and others with simpler designs. All these products have been designed by someone and you can be that person.

If you are interested in knowing how to make a pattern From your painted illustrations, you can check all the steps in this previous post.

But, once we have our designs ready … how to promote them? What should I do if I want to send them to a product design company? These ideas will help you.

Prepare a technical sheet of your design

The preparation of a technical sheet will allow a company to know the correct operation of your design for adaptation to its products.

To do this, we can generate a basic template in Photoshop that helps us to apply each of our designs. In it we will put:

The title of our design.

An image of the rapport. The rapport It is the basic unit of repetition of our pattern or repetitive pattern.

The size of the rapport in cm (width and height). It is important to know what size this repeating unit is, which will depend on the product we want to create. For example, if it were a quilt, we have to think about the proportion that said quilt would occupy rapport, without being distorted or aesthetically bad within the set.

An image of the rapport in relation to another rapport, in simulation mode. It is also essential to see what the relationship of the basic units of repetition is to each other so that they then fit perfectly. In the form of a brick, a grid, etc.

An image of the result of the pattern. In a larger size we can put a simulation of how our would look pattern, so that the company gets an idea of ​​the final result.

It is also important to put the color mode that the image has: RGB or CMYK, so that the print is as faithful to our design without turning off the colors.

To this technical sheet we must add our design, in JPEG, PNG, or as requested by the company.

Make a sample catalog

Clothing design


Creating a sample catalog is ideal for presenting your work to potential clients.

At we can include a biography so that we are known a little more, in addition to our designs. With them We can include mockups or false decorations to see how they look and get an idea. In this previous post I talked about how to make a mockup.

The catalog must be visually striking to capture the attention of everyone who sees it.

Attend fairs

Design fairs are held all over the world where you can sell the license of your patterns and promote yourself directly to companies.

Upload your designs to sales platforms

In the network there are many sales platforms specialized in the creation of all kinds of products based on artists’ designs, which upload them in exchange for a percentage of sale. This percentage can range from 10% to 50%, depending on the platform and the artist’s decision. It is ideal for beginners, since the web is responsible for the creation of the product and its subsequent shipment, without further complication for the designer.

Promotion on social media

Promotion on social networks is also important, where you can reach a greater number of people. The use of labels or hashtags in your products and taking eye-catching and professional photographs they are essential for a good promotion. There are also payment tools that can be used for a greater display of your products among a specific audience, which can generate an increase in your sales or a higher order order. In addition, interacting with your customers is the best promotion you can do for your products.

What are you waiting to start promoting your designs?

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