Quick Export is here to Premiere Pro and more news to After Effects

HDR Broadcasters

For this month of September we have succulent news related to video and those two Adobe apps: Premiere Pro and After Effects. Two essential programs for video editing that add new features to enrich your experience.

Again we have Adobe Sensei doing its thing to save time and efforts to professionals and amateurs in substantive programs such as Premiere Pro. Let’s see what are these two Adobe news for this month.

First we talk about Premiere Pro and that new in beta called Quick Export and that offers us from the same upper toolbar of the program, access to the most used export settings. In other words, we are going to have the possibility of using the H.264 codec settings from a list to reduce the size of our videos.

Premiere Pro export fast

For the part that is up to Adobe Sensei we can count on Scene Editing Detection, and that its own name explains it. That is, it finds cuts and edits in a scene with Sensei’s machine learning. Finally we have Premiere Pro with HDR for broadcasts with Rec2100 HLG HDR.

In After Effects the news is related to an improvement in the 3D experience of the program. The «gizmos» to control the scene in 3D now we allow you to navigate faster and in a more intuitive way; scale, position and rotate layers with guides that allow us to capture how far we have moved an object.

After Effects Gizmo

We also have an improvement in camera pan tools to orbit or pan with key combinations that we can customize. There is not only the news here, to have the ability to add multiple cameras from different points of view.

Adobe also loved him boost performance with rendered effects channels now for the GPU, improvements to the OpenEXR preamps of up to 3 times, faster effects for audio plugins and VST3, and the speed has been doubled with the multicam ProRes format.

In short, a improved experience for certain workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects; We direct you to the new Keith Haring brushes in collaboration with Adobe and that you should not miss.

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