Adobe MAX 2020

Being this year Adobe MAX 2020 a digital experience, we are talking about the annual conference of this company, it will be free for all those who want to register and be attentive to everything they have to present.

A great date for not miss anything from an Adobe that continues to push very hard and that has known how to adapt to the times of today to bring wonderful applications for our mobiles such as the great Adobe Photoshop Camera.

And we are talking about Adobe MAX never been free before being in person. Something that changes this year to be digital and to be able to see it calmly from the comfort of our home or workplace. In other words, we are talking about a unique opportunity for anyone who could not afford the cost of admission or did not have the possibility of traveling to the conference venue.

Adobe MAX 2020

Adobe MAX 2020 offer 56 uninterrupted hours of learning and total moments inspiration with live content demos, appearances by popular characters and music shows. An event by Adobe featuring artists such as Ava DuVernay, actor Keanu Reeves and rapper Tyler the Creator, not to mention renowned portrait photographers Annie Leibovitz.

You can register from this link to Adobe MAX 2020 to benefit from entering the contest of a FREE MAX t-shirt, prepare the events to witness digitally, enter into live chats with creatives or access preview downloads before the Adobe conference.

This quote from Adobe is often used by the company to announce new features and changes to its extensive catalog of programs. Among some of the novelties, the arrival of Adobe Illustrator for the iPad is expected. So this conference can be well-sounded where we will all meet.