Remove BG

If we have already known about Photoshop improvements in the section on blurring a background or using the selection even with hair that is difficult to mark, is a new plugin made for this program which removes the background quickly.

A plugin that makes things easier, though it must be said that it is getting easier use the Adobe Sensei smart pick for this reason; do not miss this tutorial that shows you step by step how to do it manually. It is true that this plugin is sure to take advantage of these improvements to do magic before our eyes.

In fact is a website that allows us to quickly upload an image remove the background from a photo. In this way we can change the background for another and simulate that we are elsewhere. We already know the magic that is linked to graphic design, so this website makes everything easier for us.


And if until today it was a website for those reasons, now it has launched a plugin for Photoshop itself. An extension for this program that is characterized by knowing how to deal with those imperfections that usually have the silhouette of a hair when we try to select the background.

Also included in the plugin the ability to handle those layers individually for green tones and low contrast edges. In order to use the extension we go to this link to follow the steps and that are to register on the web, download it and put the API KEY to be able to handle the plugin.

A plugin that works very well and that we recommend that you use in Photoshop if you have the possibility, although we always have the web version to get out of trouble when we don’t have the option of accessing that great design program that we all know.