Artificial Intelligence is getting everywhere and this time we can find it in Luminar Cloud, a web solution that will make things easier for us when it comes to improving the photographs that we upload to your site.

One of its virtues is the ability it has to batch retouch images. That is, we upload dozens of them and your Artificial Intelligence will take care of the rest to leave those images better than they were.

Luminar Cloud is characterized, among other things, of being able to even increase the resolution of a photograph by 400% without losing an iota of quality in resolution. That is, if you want to pass a 500 pixel wide image to 2000 pixels, we have on this website the perfect solution to deal with these resolutions. The normal thing is that if we do this with Photoshop the photograph is pixelated and loses that quality.


Not only does it do this, but it is capable of enhancing outdoor photos, portraits, use HDR and apply filters so that in a matter of seconds we have a good batch of black and white photographs.

It is a service that it can be very useful for an online store who wants to retouch an entire batch and then upload it to his eCommerce and thus save him from doing it at the best possible quality with that filter that will be applied to each of the images.

You have to know that the free version of Luminar Cloud allows us to modify up to 1,200 images per year. If you already want to increase that figure, logically you will have to go through the payment plan.

You can access Luminar Cloud in its beta version from this link. A interesting solution that comes to our aid to save us those times in which we edit dozens of photos and it can become an arduous task. Don’t miss out on Photocreator to create realistic scenes with AI.