Sensible Soccer

Royal Mail is the UK postal service company that has left us astonished when they have launched this series of stamps that celebrates the golden age of gaming in their country.

Games like the mythical Sensible Soccer or Elite They have gone on to become a magnificent collection of stamps that for any gamer between the ages of 30 and 40 is more than a joy.

It also can find the huge Populous, and in which you were allowed to be a god to control a series of followers, from Peter Molyneux himself, the Micromachines or the Lemmings themselves.


A whole collection to applaud and what companies like Ocean They were able in those years to lay the first foundations for what is today the gaming industry. Those who have not been lucky enough to try these games can now go to those labels and see videos of some of the mentioned ones.


We stay from these lines with Sensible Soccer or Populous himselfGames that in themselves were capable of creating the same genre and that today seems far away, even with more capabilities in technology, that we can attend new titles of that caliber.

These stamps will be on sale January 21 and you can try to get one from this link. The web is not yet complete, but you can already put it in favorites so that on that day you can get one.

A great idea launched from Royal Mail And that we would like you to copy Correos here in Spain with the great Artic Movies, La abadía del Crimen or the great Commands. It would not be bad at all and it would surely be a success for those nostalgic for the retro games of yesteryear. We leave you with these commemorative stamps of Agatha Christie.