100 days commissions

Two weeks ago we already announced that Serif was putting all its programs for free for 90 days. We talk about Affinity programs. Now you have announced that you want to buy the creative work you have done and that in any way it has not been used for projects or works presented.

We already said it just on that day. Serif would use part of its annual budget to help creatives and the way it is going to do that is by purchasing their creative work. That is, the same that you can have want to be purchased by the creators of Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher.

The 100 Days of Commissions will take place for 3 months and Serif is asking to designers, photographers and editors to submit their work for their consideration or consideration. The particular thing about this application is that they do not ask for a particular job or a specific topic.

100 days commissions

Of course, there is a requirement. What the work has been done in an Affinity appbe it Photo, Publisher or Designer. So he is encouraging you to take your hours and start creating some work that they can understand as valid.

The point is that also you can show that work done with their applications and that for whatever reason it has been canceled or has not been finally chosen by a company or client. In other words, those works that you may have in a Windows folder can be displayed for Serif.

The point is that we don’t have to create new jobs (although it is also possible) and those canceled can be licensed by Serif. These are the types of jobs they are looking for:

  • Documents to print facts in Affinity Publisher.
  • Illustrations, graphics and interface elements made in Designer, including icons, layouts, logos … for webs.
  • Projects created in Affinity Photo like retouching portraits, compositions, panoramas, HDR and more.

You can too send your portfolio or even an idea. You have until April 20 to participate and win $ 1,500 for the job. On their website you have to do it, right from here.