Slack for those who work remotely is more than a toola for your day to day. It is now when it has been updated massively to improve some aspects in which it was declining.

If we talk about Slack we talk about an app that if all companies were for the work, It could replace WhatsApp in order to separate professional communications from our personal life; that in fact many times they are mixed and you don’t even know what to put in your WhatsApp status.

Slack has been updated in their biggest upgrade to desktop in years. Best of all, you probably haven’t even realized that it has been updated since visually it is the same Slack as always.

Memory usage

We mean that Slack has been updated to improve the performance of the app. The new version loads 33% faster and uses 50% less memory than before; the latter is quite noticeable in computers that do not have the latter.

Old customer

Also that performance improvement can be found is the rapidity With which you can now make calls to be 10 times faster. Another improvement has to do with those moments in which we can see how our connection is not the best. When you reconnect you will see the latest messages.

All of these performance improvements are due to the team Slack has rewritten the app from scratch. It is not a redesign, but an improvement in performance that we would like in many other apps in which when they improve something in the interface we are happy, while these advances in performance are often forgotten.

A Slack that as a communication tool for companies and freelancers it is more than efficient although it still costs many.