Screen is a web app that allows us to record the screen from our computer without having to install anything, since everything is done from its website. Of course, always using the browser and without passing anything to their servers.

That point is more than important to make sure that what we record will not pass to third partiesInstead, the local resources of the website from which we are opening that app that performs the recording will be used at no cost.

In other words, it is in charge of recording the screen of our computer without installing any Chrome extension or download an .exe. We open to offer us two options. One would be to record only the screen, while the other would be the screen and the webcam.

It offers two quite interesting actions to pass before a series of configurations in which asks us to record the entire screen, the window of a specific program or just the tab of a web browser.

Record PC screen

Actually we are facing an online tool that can get us out of some trouble than another when we need to record a session in order to download the resulting video file. All without much effort and with the simplicity that everything is done from the browser with which we have opened this web app.

While yesterday we were talking about a web app that allows us to improve the screenshots we take with our computer, gives wings to record entire sessions without having to use a program that we have downloaded or go through the login through Google or Facebook.

One more than interesting web app that you can access from this link and that you will always have available to record a window or the entire screen of your PC.