▷ A completely nostalgic digital marketing campaign at Pizza Hut!

Have you ever been told that arousing emotion in your target audience is one of the keys to a successful marketing strategy? Pizza Hut got it right with this new digital marketing campaign combining nostalgia, thrills and… augmented reality!

An old-new marketing approach …

Pizza Hut has launched a marketing campaign around the concept of “Newstalgia”, giving a modern twist to the brand’s iconic brand elements. These include the Book It! program, classic arcade games, red cups and Tiffany-style lamps, but with a modern twist now.

At the same time, the brand produced a TV commercial starring ‘the cave man’ Craig Robinson playing a retro Pac-Man game to promote ‘Newstalgia’ with a 1980s Pizza Hut, which draws on trends around the nostalgia and home catering that dramatically exploded during the pandemic.


As part of the campaign, limited edition boxes of large pizzas will feature QR codes that, when scanned, allow you to play an augmented reality version of the classic Pac-Man game. Players who share their scores on Twitter will be entered to win a personalized Pac-Man game cabinet. A digital social media marketing approach could extend the reach of the campaign, right?

Make things relevant in a new way

This old-new approach launches a dedicated digital marketing campaign to spark nostalgia, as George Felix, Marketing Director of Pizza Hut explains: “Part of the experience people used to have at Pizza Hut was to play video games and Pac-Man table games. So it’s about making all of these things relevant in a new way. “

The campaign also aims to support online sales, by developing a complete digital experience for customers: “We are always looking for opportunities from a marketing point of view to see where new technologies or emerging technologies can help us. help tell the stories we want to tell, ”said Felix. “And the Pac-Man collaboration is one example”.

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