▷ A highly creative communication strategy at Vans!

How to combine communication, marketing, creativity and… recycling? Find out what the famous ready-to-wear brand Vans has set itself as a challenge…

With the explosion of new technological solutions and data, we tend to neglect the human, the creativity. Learn how to balance rational marketing and intuitive marketing.

This is what Vans, the ready-to-wear brand, has demonstrated through a creative and fun marketing operation on recycling.

To fight against waste, initiatives have been flourishing among brands for some time now, with some more surprising advertisements than others.

Some companies do not hesitate either to break the rules, to reinvent themselves, to surpass themselves. Remember, Nespresso launched coffee capsules made of 80% recycled aluminium, a great first.

An ecological approach that makes an impression

Vans’ new idea? The #vansshoeboxchallenge. This challenge was launched between 30 April and 18 May 2020, during the confinement to encourage its customers to transform their shoe boxes.

The brand then rewarded the best creations (of course) shared on social networks with vouchers. The right competition to animate its communities, it always works!

Camera, guitar, shoes, storage, car… you’ll be surprised! Hop, a little preview…




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