▷ Facebook celebrates International Women’s Day 2021 in its own way

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, Facebook has announced a series of new features…

Live Rooms, a multi-participant Instagram feed

As of March 1, content creators can upload up to three more people to Instagram with the launch of Live Rooms. Facebook To indeed launched a live Instagram multi-participant feed test for users in India last December.

This new feature offers several advantages, including:

  • Conduct interviews;
  • Invite fans and customers to streams;
  • Share the stage with influencers.

It is thus possible to invite other users to its Instagram Live rooms, which will then be visible to all their subscribers, as well as to yours. When you send a request to someone to join your live room, the user will be notified with a drop-down notification.

New personalized stickers

Facebook adds new personalized International Women’s Day 2021 stickers with the hashtag # IWD2021. For its part, Instagram has announced that it will deploy new stickers illustrated by various women around the world, in particular to show its support for frontline workers.

According to Tara Bedi, public policy and community outreach manager for Instagram in India, when you create a story, it’s possible to simply swipe up from the bottom and use the stickers, just like you do for anyone. what other sticker.

“Women x Women”

Facebook is also adding women-owned stores to the Facebook and Instagram Shop tabs to further encourage support for women-owned businesses. The social network also launched “Women x Women”, a campaign to highlight inspiring stories of women and show how they have been successful using Facebook’s apps over the past year.

New statistics

On top of that, Facebook provided new statistics on initiatives launched by women during the pandemic.

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