▷ Facebook copies Clubhouse rooms!

As you might expect, with the sudden rise in social audio with Clubhouse, Facebook is working on its own live audio meeting rooms feature. Facebook users will in turn be able to create audio shows that they can connect to and participate in in the app …

The continuity of a feature already available

Facebook sees Clubhouse as a new source of inspiration that it can “copy” – in the same way it borrowed the concept of ephemeral messages from Snapchat with Instagram Stories, and more recently the TikTok experience with Instagram Reels.

For Facebook, it is simply a continuation of a feature already available, the video rooms or Messenger Rooms that it added last May. They allow you to create private video chats in which other users can participate.

The social network will soon offer a “Live Audio” option for Messenger Rooms, Zoom’s social competitor, used for videoconferences.

What to put pressure on Clubhouse

According to the images unveiled by the mobile developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter, Facebook is working on an extension of the rooms integrated within the social network:

  • A private audio room to chat with a group of friends;
  • A public audio room or Live Audio: an audio room to broadcast to a larger group of Facebook listeners where everyone can participate in real time.

We also know that the Facebook ecosystem could take advantage of this new functionality via a dedicated link, namely in a publication, in groups, as well as on Messenger.

Enough to put pressure on Clubhouse, which is still in invitation-only mode. It will be interesting to see when Facebook looks to bring its audio rooms feature online and what it looks like to roll it out.

Either way, this could definitely be a good option to consider, especially for brand pages looking to build community and maximize in-app engagement, with a view to driving more referral traffic. .

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