▷ How to make a good Facebook advertisement?

Advertising is very important to bring your brand, products and / or services to life. Good publicity is a major issue for companies in an era of increased competition and digital technology …

Obviously, from the moment you launch an advertising campaign via your page on social networks, various questions may arise:

  • Is the image I uploaded enough impactful, relevant?
  • Is the description clear?
  • Is the text well written?

Publication boost or advertising campaign?

First of all, you have to make a choice regarding the advertising that will be visible on the social network. You can for example sponsor content on your page company already published in the past.

On the contrary, you can create real advertisements. These will not appear on your business page but only to the users you are targeting.

Of course, your advertising will run according to your budget and the desired programming.

The elements of success of Facebook ads

This is no longer to be demonstrated in the field of advertising and marketing, the visual has a significant impact.

However, this is not the only factor to take into account. It would also be a shame to neglect them. Here are a few :

  • Theoffer : What the publication will highlight (the product or the service);
  • The Landing Page, that is, the page where users will be redirected after a click;
  • The creative content, containing the image, the title, the descriptive text, the call to action button;
  • Theaudience, that is to say the target to which the Facebook advertisement is addressed;
  • The budget, which will influence the number of people reached and the speed of dissemination to your target audience.

Let’s take a look at some key elements for your Facebook ads.

Audience targeting

The audience corresponds to any person who may be potentially interested in the proposed offer.

Knowing the audience you want to reach is vital. Facebook offers the opportunity to build three different audiences:

  • Recorded hearing : you target people based on their interests, location, etc. ;
  • Personalized audience : these are people who have had an interaction with your company;
  • Similar audience : people who look like a personalized audience.

Defining an audience is a real in-depth job, to be carried out with particular attention to your Facebook advertising.

An audience that corresponds well to your offer will make the advertising campaign relevant and above all profitable.

Key concepts to integrate into advertising

The performance ofe Facebook advertising depend of a number of key concepts to be incorporated into advertising publications.

To maximize advertising performance, it is important to clearly identify:

  • The functionalities of the product, of the service offered. The audience must be able to understand in an instant the main characteristics. It is therefore necessary to be precise and specific in the manner of presenting;
  • The benefits brought : what interests do the product or service put forward bring to the customer?
  • Support for distinctions. Where appropriate, it is necessary to highlight the distinctions received (nomination for a prize, citations in the media, etc.). This helps to gain credibility;
  • Arouse curiosity. Creating an advertisement means knowing how to balance the information given on the publication and that which will be discovered after the click;
  • Create the need. Give the user who clicks a good reason toact quickly. The implementation of a promotional code limited in time can encourage the future customer to validate his purchase.

Five key elements of effective advertising

A Facebook ad breaks down into five distinct elements. Each of these elements is independent but is part of a more global advertising approach.

The game will consist in juggling between these different elements to answer the concepts mentioned above. Create the need, pique curiosity, talk about the characteristics and benefits that the product has.

The text

Small block located just above the ad image, the text should be short.

A too long text will imply the appearance of the link “show the continuation” and can discourage an Internet user to take note of the complete contents.

It is possible to get creative in a short format. Advertising spots do it well.

A description, the staging of benefits brought, a promo code and some emojis can be useful here.

Everything is possible as long as communication remains accessible and Claire in the broadcast message.

The image

The impact of a picture is often worth a thousand words. A poorly chosen image can harm an advertising campaign.

It must therefore be chosen with care and anticipate the echo that it could have among Internet users.

The visual can be created internally according to the skills of your teams. If Photoshop remains a master in the field, it is technical software.

Some online tools also allow you to get visuals without the need for graphic skills (Canva is a good example).

Finally, so-called free image sites can also be interesting (Freepik for example).

Be careful with the images you choose on third-party sites. Not all images are available and are copyrighted. Always pay attention to your choices in this matter to avoid later problems.

In addition, there is no need to overload your image with text. Facebook only allows 20% text but the rule seems abstract in its application.

In any case, an image must have enough meaning and be evocative enough to dispense with additional text.

The title

It may seem surprising, but the title of a Facebook ad will take its place. under the picture and not before.

The title is not a complete description, it must be short and inform the user in a few characters.

It can act ascall to action, or simply give the audience a reason to click on the link.

The title should attract attention and arouse a sense of curiosity. You need to get people to click and see more of what you’re offering.

The description of the link

Too often neglected or taken lightly, the description is not very visible on the ad. You should know thatit does not appear in all placements.

This description is complementary and must be integrated as a whole in harmony.

It can help strengthen the overall message, clarify the offer or the product.

Call to action

The call to action is dependent on the objective chosen for the advertising campaign. Of course, it must be related to the publication.

The goal is toprompt an action linked with the rest of the ad.

Take the example of a new menu uploaded by a restaurant. A “book now” button therefore seems relevant. The user is offered the possibility of reserving a table.

The call to action must remain consistent with the rest of the elements.

In conclusion

Creating good Facebook advertising isn’t the hardest part of a business’s marketing strategy.

However, on this advertising may depend the future of a product or service. You must therefore pay particular attention and a major reflection.

Ask yourself questions that correspond to the points seen together.

  • How to highlight the offer?
  • What page should users refer to?
  • Which audience to target?
  • What budget to invest?
  • What creative content to highlight?

These first elements allow you to sweep away the key elements for your Facebook ads.

Remember that you must look to arouse curiosity. You don’t have to sell in your ad, you have to get clicks. Your website will do the rest.

Your offer must be consistent with the target. The Landing Page must be well constructed. Your budget must be sufficient (forget the 5 € per day). Finally, creative content must prompt action.

Of course, there is more to Facebook ad creation than its stages. You must then monitor your performance and analyze your results.

Finally, remember that when it comes to Facebook ads, daring can pay off. You have to test and learn of your tests.

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