▷ MAC Cosmetics France unveils its quirky side and chic humour… And it works!

Who would have thought that a campaign in the form of a vintage TV program at a cosmetics brand would be so successful? It’s not very common and yet, MAC Cosmetics France had pleasantly surprised by breaking the beauty codes to address the millennials?

Influence marketing + humour 2.0, what’s it all about?

In order to gain visibility and develop sales in a very short time, one of the best levers for companies today is themarketing influence.

MAC Cosmetics France has understood this by calling on Carla Ginola, Danaemakeup and Paola Locatelli for its digital campaign Meet Your Matte”. Relayed on Instagram, it is aimed at the Millenials, a target audience aged between 15 and 35.

But the brand hit hard, because in addition to using these three influencers, it used the laughter marketing (of course!) using another influencer. The slightly wacky TV presenter is played by comedian Elhadj Gaye.

An unexpected collaboration but…

How would you describe this campaign? Amusing, offbeat, surprising, unexpected for a cosmetic brand.

In a retro atmosphere, and in the form of a vintage TV program in the form of a Turn Roundabout the three influencers each answer the question: “And you, how do you imagine this ideal partner?”.

They are therefore looking for lipstick in their mouths to promote the new Matte lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics France: the Powder Kiss, the Matte and the Retro Matte Liquid.

Thus, for Paola, without an ideal partner is uncompromising, daring and infallible; for Danae, intense, elegant and sophisticated and finally soft and sensual for Carla.

An unexpected collaboration, therefore, but one that makes an impression. And it works!

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