▷ Old Navy and its very artistic 3.0 marketing strategy in the face of Covid-19

Since 1994, Old Navy has been dressing American families and has recognized that the need to serve families has never been greater with the Covid-19 pandemic. How did she react?

Between art and human values ​​…

The health crisis has left many Americans struggling to meet the basic needs of their families. Old Navy did so donation of over $ 30 million worth of clothing to American families in need.

To announce the donation, she chose a unique digital marketing strategy: publish a video on YouTube showing an original portrait made by artist Noah Scalin from Richmond, Virginia (United States).

Known for his large-scale artistic creations from everyday items, Scalin painted a portrait of a mother and her two daughters, made entirely from the brand’s clothing.

In addition to the clothing donation, Old Navy also donated 50,000 reusable masks to longtime partners of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

At the same time, she works with a number of partners to distribute the goods to vulnerable families, including non-profit organizations Good360 and Baby2Baby, as well as transport partner Penske Logistics.

Marketing 3.0, a marketing strategy for people

Old Navy’s brand strategy in the face of Covid-19 is based on the human relationship, its values. She did not hesitate to play on the intellectual and especially on the emotional to stand out.

By taking a place in the lives of Americans, through these various gifts to show that it understands the difficulty of the situation, the brand communicates its values ​​while promoting its image.

This is the power of Marketing 3.0 …

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