▷ Pinterest launches Shopping Spotlights, the perfect e-commerce tool

Last month, Pinterest launched a new feature in the product recommendation: Shopping Spotlights. It features product selections chosen by fashion influencers and editors to facilitate buying behavior.

All recent e-commerce trends on Shopping Spotlights

According to the Pinterest release, users will be able to easily choose and purchase selected products based on current trends on Pinterest, as well as the choices of fashion influencers and publishers.

Recent trends like tie color, intergalactic makeup, and terracotta houses are now fully available on Pinterest via Shopping Spotlights. Thanks to the look of an editorial magazine, keeping up with the latest trends, choosing and then buying influencer products has become very easy.

Product listings will be curated by guest editors and fashion leaders including American journalist and editor, Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Elaine Welteroth, fashion blogger Blair Eadie and interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel.

The choice of articles appears thanks to thesearch tab and presents various product pins directly linked to e-commerce pages. This new feature is available on Android, and soon on iOS.

Pinterest’s product recommendation strategy

As you can see, this new feature is part of theera of “smart” recommendation.

Much more than a simple concept, it allows e-merchants to rapidly increase the conversion rate and to build lasting customer loyalty.

By setting up Shopping Spotlights, Pinterest also helps generate additional sales and thus generate a return on investment more effectively.

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