▷ Snapchat is developing a functionality similar to the Tiktok duos

On TikTok it is common to find videos where users do duets using previously available videos from other users, finding us dances synchronized to curious and funny situations …

What is “Remix”?

Faced with the success of this TikTok feature, the mobile application is working on new designs for new creative situations. But these main competitors also intend to profit from this success. Snapchat has indeed announced a similar feature called “Remix”.

Discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi, Remix wants users to be able to reply to their friends’ Snaps by reusing those Snaps with their own videos on the same screen.

Snapchat is already testing this feature as is Instagram, which also has a similar feature available in public testing. Snapchat Remix will offer users a number of layout or template options to combine the Snaps.

To this should be added that the function will also have its own dynamics so that users can determine who can use their Snaps for Remix and who cannot, as in TikTok permissions.

TikTok has become the mirror of social networks

It will only be a matter of time before the Remix tests spread among Snapchat users, and can even logically reach Spotlight, which is Snapchat’s really competing feature on TikTok.

It is clear that TikTok has become the mirror in which some of the rivals are reflected when it comes to increasing the creative possibilities of their users, who need more options to create their videos to reach their friends, and where appropriate, to the general public.

It will be a matter of time before the rest of the users can see the end result and know if other social platforms are planning to create the same option.

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