▷ The Facebook Community Manager program is now available worldwide

Facebook is expanding its Community Manager certification program globally, making it available in seven new languages ​​…

Last October, Facebook launched the Facebook Community Manager certification as part of its Certified Community Manager program, which included online courses through Facebook Blueprint.

The courses of the program have been specially designed for community managers of different types of businesses (agencies, brands, educational organizations, NGOs, etc.) to help build and develop their communities.

This online training covers a range of topics including:

  • The definition and establishment of a community;
  • The development of community strategies and processes;
  • Making strategic decisions about the content of a community;
  • The commitment and moderation of a community;
  • The measurement and analysis of the success of the community.

The 7 new languages ​​of the program

Over time, community building becomes an increasingly recognized skill, and Facebook’s certification is a way to list this on relevant resumes and job applications. Not all employers may see it this way, but it is a skill that is increasingly in demand.

That’s why to give more people the ability to use the content, and eventually earn certification, the Community Manager program is now available in several new languages: Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai en more than the original English version.

To learn more about the Facebook Community Manager Certification Program, click here .

Source: Facebook

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