▷ This Citroën ad is really smart!

We can’t say it enough: humor sells. And Citroën has understood this, because the brand has indeed opted for a new funny, offbeat and creative campaign to present its new offer…

After two months of confinement, we are finally free! This is the message that Citroën wants to convey through its new campaign. Going away for real at last “to present its new “Move in France” offer.

The brand offers an offer that can be combined with the new state aid and a very simple instalment payment for getting a new car and going on holiday.

How’s Citroen hitting its target?

With humor! His advertisement starts with feet in a basin of fresh water… to pretend to be in the Calanques de Marseille, then other small videos posted on social networks to pretend to be in Chamonix, on the beach of Saint-Tropez…

So the message is clear, his new offer allows you to leave FINE for real.

This marketing strategy that is humor always bears fruit, both to boost sales and to increase awareness. Remember Burger King’s campaign during lockdown. A simple post, a simple tweet in a humorous tone managed to create a buzz and generate notoriety.

Social networks are the ideal channel to create this type of viral content. Think about it for your next campaigns. Humor naturally creates a positive feeling and simply sells.

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