▷ This new Airbnb campaign offers surprising online experiences!

Finding love is surely quite difficult for some, so with the health crisis linked to Covid-19, that does not help matters. To remedy this, Airbnb and Bumble have found the solution: online experiences, ideal for first virtual meetings and more … A new strategy to broaden the reach of Airbnb’s online experiences and partially offset the decline in its revenues …

Airbnb partners with Bumble, a dating app

On May 14, 2020, the community platform for renting and booking private accommodation Airbnb announced its partnership with Bumble, a dating app where women take the first step. Their partnership gave birth to proposals for online experiences, ideal for unique and fun first virtual encounters.

“If you are single right now and looking to meet someone virtually, you are not alone (…). In fact, you may be among the 100,000+ Bumble users around the world who have updated their dating profiles to mention that they are in quarantine ”, Airbnb explained in a statement.

She adds : “Immerse yourself in your shared culinary cravings with a wine class with an expert in Portugal or a guide to Mexican street tacos. Or virtually sneak into a hidden nightlife venue, like Amsterdam’s Secret Jazz Club, a live performance with sangria and drag queens in Lisbon, or Japan’s oldest brewery for secrets. of sake ”.

Airbnb wants to make this experience as real as possible, where interested parties can choose to go in a group with other people present or opt for a private meeting.

New approach of companies in the tourism sector in the face of containment

This new campaign from Airbnb and Bumble aims to promote the online experiences that their users can share during a first virtual meeting. It demonstrates a completely different approach for companies particularly affected by containment linked to the coronavirus pandemic, including those in the tourism sector.

Faced with declining travel and home stay bookings in many regions, Airbnb and Bumble are urging people to try virtual dating while providing a unique and shared online experience. A new approach to start the conversation and stay connected.

With the video conferencing boom like Zoom linked to containment, Airbnb and Bumble can be sure to bring their users together until the pandemic is over.

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