a new feature to cancel sent tweets?

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – Webmarketing & Co’m

Twitter is working on a feature we all might like! The social network could soon make it possible to rethink the publication of a tweet even after having pressed “Send” for a short period of time …

Cancel a tweet sent soon

Twitter has confirmed that it is testing an option to cancel tweets sent according to app developer Jane Manchun Wong. It could be that users can remove or correct a tweet before it is officially posted on the social network, such as on Gmail. Gmail indeed offers a similar option for e-mails, with a small window to prevent sending messages even after clicking the “Send” button.

At Twitter, the interface displays the familiar “Your Tweet has been sent” dialog above a new “Cancel” button. This button doubles as a progress bar, which shows how long you need to cancel a tweet before it’s sent.

Various subscription possibilities

“Cancel Send” was among the rumors of a paid Twitter subscription level after it was first mentioned in a user survey last year. It might not be the ‘edit button’ Twitter users have always been asking for, but it would still give users the option to quickly prevent a tweet from being posted if they spot a typo. last second or improper handling for example.

Twitter had also said it was exploring various subscription options, as a way to reduce its reliance on ad revenue in response to competition from Facebook and Snapchat. These subscriptions could include access to features such as “cancel sending” and profile customization options for example.

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